We take care of your teeth


Maintaining your dental health is important to us. That is why we offer preventive measures against dental diseases.


With professional teeth cleaning twice a year, caries and periodontitis have no chance of developing on your teeth. During this special treatment by our dental hygienist, your teeth are cleaned particularly thoroughly and sustainably. Even hard-to-reach areas are freed from plaque, tartar and slight discolouration.

In the case of inflamed gum pockets, we clean them particularly gently with ultrasound technology.


Use our reminder service for your regular prophylaxis appointment.


Children’s individual prophylaxis

In the so-called children’s IP, our dental hygienist takes care of the little patients. Carefully and cautiously, she shows the children how they can best clean and care for their teeth so that they can only come to the practice for preventive care for a long time.

Dental conservation

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

Thanks to novel therapy concepts, teeth can often be preserved that would have simply been removed in the past.

If a tooth nerve is severely inflamed or even already dead, the tooth does not necessarily have to be extracted. In many cases, the tooth can be saved with root canal treatment.

The nerve is removed from the root canal and the surrounding tooth tissue. The root canal is then sealed.

However, it is important to crown the tooth afterwards, because without an intact nerve it can no longer withstand the normal chewing loads.

Stop caries without drilling

With the Icon method, initial caries can be stopped painlessly in just one treatment, without damaging the healthy tooth substance. For this purpose, a thin liquid resin is applied to the carious tooth. The plastic soaks in and hardens. This prevents the progression of caries.

Aesthetic dentistry


In the case of discolouration or defects on the incisors, wafer-thin ceramic veneers are currently being used. They help to restore a radiant smile and also optimally preserve the existing tooth substance.


In the posterior region, we use all-ceramic fillings, so-called inlays, or all-ceramic partial crowns or crowns for larger defects.

Tooth whitening (bleaching)

Go through life confidently, with a radiant smile and healthy teeth.

Good results can be achieved with bleaching in the case of discolouration or yellowish teeth. For this, a custom-fit splint is made that you wear during the night.

To keep your teeth white for as long as possible, we give you valuable tips on care and nutrition, as well as on proper tooth cleaning.

Aesthetic dentistry


Crowns, bridges, dentures

If a tooth does have to be extracted, our goal is to replace the missing teeth as optimally as possible. We will discuss with you in detail which options are a good alternative to make your tooth gap disappear and reconstruct your dentition.




Teeth that are already badly damaged can be crowned. This preserves the original tooth and its chewing function. The crown gives it strength to withstand heavy chewing loads.




If a tooth is missing, a so-called bridge can be attached to the two adjacent teeth. However, we only recommend this if the adjacent teeth are already damaged, because they have to be ground down for the attachment.




If several teeth or entire rows of teeth are missing, we recommend removable dentures such as partial or full dentures. In the case of incomplete dentition, dentures not only restore aesthetics, but also enable chewing and sound production.


Implants are artificial tooth roots that are implanted into the jawbone and grow firmly there.

An implant is a good way to replace a bridge if the two adjacent teeth are still undamaged. This avoids grinding the neighbouring teeth and the healthy teeth are not lost.